2018/20 SWCC Board Nominations Now Open!

It's time again to elect new members to our board. This year a presidency, a vice-presidency, a treasurer and two board member positions have come open, but most significantly  it is a year with two differences in the election process. The first is that the nominations are sought earlier  because we are having our next annual meeting in April in Vancouver. But the most important change is that for the first time the president's position is open to all  full SWCC members and not just to journalists. This is an expression of the constitutional change approved earlier this year which sought to make SWCC reflect not who and what  it had been in the past, but who and what it was in 2017. With that in mind I strongly encourage every science writer, science communicator, science journalist and others among you to strongly consider running for a presidency which is now truly representative of all our organization's membership.

Let the race begin.

Stephen Strauss, Past President

Chairperson, SWCC nominating committee

All members of SWCC in good standing are eligible to run for the Board of Directors. The SWCC Board of Directors consists of twelve directors who are committed to excellence in science writing and communication. Directors are elected for a two-year term. 

The following positions - President, Vice-President, Treasurer, two Board Member positions are available in this election cycle. The terms will begin at the AGM April 2018 and end at the AGM in 2020.

If you wish to be nominated you will need to get the support of two other members, provide an image and a short paragraph about yourself and why you want to be part of the board, and declare any potential conflicts of interest. The nomination form is available below. You need to send it by February 13 to: election2018@sciencewriters.ca



Nomination Forms for the Board of Directors Must Be Submitted to 


by February 13, 2018

SWCC 2017/2018 Committees

2018 Conference Committee:

Central Committee: Chapin Korosec, Alexandra Kasper, Shelley McIvor, Michelle Riedlinger, Janice Benthin, Tim Lougheed

For SFU: Claire Cupples, Susanne Stockdill, Eileen van der Flier-Keller, Rachel Jones

For STAN: Sandra Corbeil, Pauline Finn

For Science World: Pauline Finn, Elizabeth Hand, Jo-Ann Coggan, Sandra Corbeil

The Team:

                        Terry Lavender

                        Sara Boon

                        Mika McKinnon

                        Kylie Williams

                        Marg Sheridan

                        Eve Rickert

                        Theresa Liao

                        Josh Silberg

                        Anne Steino

                        Megan Helmer

                        Lauren Borja

                        Kristina Campbell

                        Alan Shapiro

                        Eric Jandciu


Awards Committee:

Kate Allen chair, Miriam Shuchman, Andy Visser deVries, Brian Owens, Eva Everything, Ivan Semeniuk, Emily Chung, Genna Buck.


Ethics Committee:

Ivan Semeniuk, chair

ED Job Description Committee:

Tim Lougheed chair, Stephen Strauss, Jennifer Gagne, Andy Visser deVries

Membership Committee:

Jay Whetter, chair

Nomination/Election Committee:

Stephen Strauss, chair, Michelle Riedlinger, Terry Lavender

You can log into the member's area of the website at anywhere on our site by clicking the log in button and using your email and password. Once logged in you can access your member profile in the directory and make changes or updates to your profile. And as a member you can access all of our members only services like the membership directory, and subscribe and/or contribute to services like the job opportunity board and the resources forum. You will also receive the occasional direct emails about upcoming events, SWCC awards, and other interesting information. 

If you are a member and would like to tweet for the SWCC just send an email to twitter@sciencewriters.ca

If you are a member and would like to write guest blogs for the SWCC send an email to bloggerboss@sciencewriters.ca

Here is an link that gives you more information about how to utilize the members online services:


Don't know your password? Don't like your password? You can reset it by clicking the forgot password button when you log in

If you have any problems or questions contact Janice Benthin, office@sciencewriters.ca or 1-800-795-8595